Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This site has moved to www.nerdygirlmakeup.com!

Hi! I've officially moved over to my new website: http://www.nerdygirlmakeup.com I already have new tips, looks, reviews, and more on my new site, so please visit me there! I have always wanted to make a website about makeup, and I'm excited that this day has finally come. :)

I was once told that girls only wear makeup to impress guys. I never believed in that -- to me, makeup is a way to express our inner creativity, to showcase art on our face -- our mobile canvas. Makeup is a fun way to explore colors, and it's also a way to bring out confidence. Although it's nice to get dolled up for a date, I don't think that makeup's sole purpose is to impress people that we want to like us. I see makeup as another opportunity for learning and expressing ourselves.

My goal is to break the stereotype of the nerdy girl, who are thought to not care much about their appearance. Sometimes we're just too busy studying or working, as nerdy girls tend to put those first. Makeup can be intimidating if you don't know anything about it. Now that time has come where learning makeup will be easy. My goal is to break down application techniques so that you can focus on being creative with colors and enjoying makeup.

I just finished my degree in Computer Science, and I finally have more time on my hands to write about makeup, hair, fashion, and cool nerdy gadgets. I also completed my professional makeup artistry certificate in Hollywood last summer, so that I can share what I have learned.
Nerdy Girl Makeup is a place where I can share all my interests in all things pretty and nerdy, and where I can help nerdy girls learn about (and love) makeup too.

Comments? Ideas? Requests? Feel free to e-mail me at
, and let me know! See you at my new site!

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