Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Makeup Looks using MUFE Flash Palette

I first saw this Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Flash Palette when I went to New York in August. It was in the Sephora store on Times Square. I immediately fell in love with this palette, but after seeing the price ($93) I couldn't buy it right away. I figured I would come back sometime during the week, and if I really wanted it I would buy it (I tend to do this a lot). Anyway, I came back a few days later after convincing myself that I really should spend my vacation money on this one item -- only to find that they were sold out! :(

I tried to buy this on too at some point, but they were sold out. Then, last Monday I went shopping with one of my best friends (who's back home for winter break and wanted to go to San Francisco). We stopped by Sephora in Union Square, and there it was!!!

At first, I thought $93 is too much to spend on one item from Sephora, but this palette is worth it. It comes with a good amount of product -- you would have to buy around 14 MAC Paint Pots to get the same amount ($16.50 per Paint Pot x 14 = $231!). Anyway, this post wasn't meant to be a review -- I'm just really excited that I finally picked this one up and realized that it's a pretty good deal!

Here are the first two looks I came up with using the silver and gold flash colors:

Smokey Black and Silver

MAC Paint Pot in Blackground (I just bought this so I wanted to try it -- you can use the black color in the MUFE palette instead)
MUFE Flash Color in Silver
Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette (Christmas present from my parents!)

Here's my younger sister with the gold look:
Smokey Cranberry and Gold

MUFE Flash Color in Gold
MAC Goldmine e/s
MAC Amber Lights e/s
MAC Cranberry e/s

Enzo Milano Hair Style

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

After Christmas Haul

The day after Christmas I went to the mall to exchange some of the colors my boyfriend got me from MAC. As I mentioned in my previous post, I ended up getting Aquadisiac, Paradisco, Electra, and Cranberry. But of course, I couldn't just walk away without getting more items (ah!). So, I got two more paint pots in Delft and Blackground and the Wisteria e/s trio from the Dame Edna collection.

When I first learned about the Dame Edna collection from Pursebuzz, I wasn't too crazy about it (the guy sort of creeps me out). However, the Wisteria e/s (the light blue one) is just too pretty and it's not available as a single e/s. When I went to MAC and took a better look at it, the Fineshine e/s looked amazing too (the light silver one). So yeah... I ended up buying it. That pretty much takes care of the Christmas present from my grandparents. :X

Here's the makeup look I did today using Wisteria (on top of Delft Paint Pot) and Fineshine (on top of Luna Cream Colour Base):

MAC Electric Eel Makeup Look

One of the colors my boyfriend got for me was Electric Eel (see previous post to see the other colors he gave me for anniversary). I was so excited about this color, because it is sooo pretty. Here's how it turned out:

I used MAC Electric Eel e/s on the lid, MAC Mulch e/s and MAC Ground Brown e/s on the crease, and MAC Ricepaper e/s to highlight the brow bone. MAC Ground Brown is a pro color that I picked up back in August when I was in Las Vegas at the Mac Pro store in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. If you don't have this color, any dark brown color will work too. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

MAC Purple Makeup Look

I wanted to play with my new MAC purple colors on Christmas Eve. I used Digit, Parfait Amour, Vibrant Grape, and just a little bit of a dark purple tarte color to add depth. I was in a bit of a rush though, because it was 6:30pm and the grocery stores were closing early (7pm!).

This is when I realized that I need to buy a dark purple MAC color, so I found Poison Pen (matte2 -- deep purple with grey) at the nearest Cosmetics Store Company yesterday. :)

Anniversary Gift From My Boyfriend :)

My boyfriend and I celebrate our anniversary every month. I know, I know... it's a little kiddy, but we still like it. We just celebrated 2 1/2 years a couple days ago, so we gave each other slightly bigger presents than the usual monthly exchange. This was my main present from him -- a MAC pro palette with 15 colors! :D

I had so much fun arranging the colors in my palettes. I had one previously, which I turned into more of my neutral palette since I have a lot of browns. I ended up exchanging 3 colors and tossing one out, because I recently learned that I don't do too well with red pigment :( So I exchanged Beauty Marked, Passionate, and Plum Dressing (and threw away Post Haste which I bought in August) and got Electra, Aquadisiac, Paradisco, and Cranberry (this one was a little risky since it does have some red, but I'm hoping it will be okay -- it was just too pretty!).

Thanks Greg! <3

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Pink and Lime Makeup Tutorial

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Here's what I used for this tutorial:

Two Faced Shadow Insurance
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
MAC Fix+
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero

Coastal Scents Contour & Blush Palette

MAC Cream Colour Base in Crushed Bougainvillea
MAC Romancin' Lipstick