Thursday, January 29, 2009

Red Lowlights + Gray and Light Blue Makeup Look

By request, I am posting more pictures of my hair where you can see the red lowlights better. I got two triangular sections of hair behind my ears bleached then dyed red. If you only want two streaks, I think that this is the perfect place to get lowlights if you are planning to let it grow out without having to continue bleaching the roots. I put my hair half up in the first two pictures so that you guys can see the red better.

I don't wear my hair like this normally, but it gives you a good view of how the red looks like and where the lowlights are placed:
This is how my hair usually looks when I'm in a rush though (except it's a bit messier here because I just took my half up-do down):
It's not as striking -- just adds a hint of color, which is what I was going for. :) The lowlights look more vibrant if I straighten my hair with a flat iron, because then the streaks are grouped together and the color becomes more noticeable.

As for my eye makeup, I'm using MAC Dame Edna Wisteria E/S Trio and MAC E/S in Ricepaper as highlight.

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Dazeddizzy said...

yay! I see the red! That's pretty cool, though not as drastic as I had imagined. It is still very red.

I love the make up, too. What is the blush on your cheek? It looks nice and warm.