Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Enzo Milano Hair Style

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Daphne said...

omg wycee!!!!!!! it's daphne (former roommate at berkeley). :) i'm at work and was on youtube trying to find some music to work to. then i saw a girl's video about a bohemian hairstyle and clicked on it. she suggested using the en-zo milano curler, and so i googled it... and under google images i saw your face!!!!!!!!!! i was like... IS THAT WYCEE?!?!?! omg.. then i found your blog!!!! hahahhaa. so just for your info, when you google images 'en-zo milano curler', your face comes up on the results =)

Wycee said...

OMG!!!! What a small world! LOL :D This is too funny haha The Enzo Milano is still my favorite curling iron! :) I just found you on facebook, so I'm going to add you. Hope you're doing great!!!