Sunday, December 28, 2008

After Christmas Haul

The day after Christmas I went to the mall to exchange some of the colors my boyfriend got me from MAC. As I mentioned in my previous post, I ended up getting Aquadisiac, Paradisco, Electra, and Cranberry. But of course, I couldn't just walk away without getting more items (ah!). So, I got two more paint pots in Delft and Blackground and the Wisteria e/s trio from the Dame Edna collection.

When I first learned about the Dame Edna collection from Pursebuzz, I wasn't too crazy about it (the guy sort of creeps me out). However, the Wisteria e/s (the light blue one) is just too pretty and it's not available as a single e/s. When I went to MAC and took a better look at it, the Fineshine e/s looked amazing too (the light silver one). So yeah... I ended up buying it. That pretty much takes care of the Christmas present from my grandparents. :X

Here's the makeup look I did today using Wisteria (on top of Delft Paint Pot) and Fineshine (on top of Luna Cream Colour Base):

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JAMNOTJELLY702 said...

WOW great haul and the look came out gorgeous.