Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anniversary Gift From My Boyfriend :)

My boyfriend and I celebrate our anniversary every month. I know, I know... it's a little kiddy, but we still like it. We just celebrated 2 1/2 years a couple days ago, so we gave each other slightly bigger presents than the usual monthly exchange. This was my main present from him -- a MAC pro palette with 15 colors! :D

I had so much fun arranging the colors in my palettes. I had one previously, which I turned into more of my neutral palette since I have a lot of browns. I ended up exchanging 3 colors and tossing one out, because I recently learned that I don't do too well with red pigment :( So I exchanged Beauty Marked, Passionate, and Plum Dressing (and threw away Post Haste which I bought in August) and got Electra, Aquadisiac, Paradisco, and Cranberry (this one was a little risky since it does have some red, but I'm hoping it will be okay -- it was just too pretty!).

Thanks Greg! <3

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