Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back from Australia + Bloom Makeup

G'day mates! I'm back from Australia! I'm a bit jet lagged though, because it's an 18 hour difference between California and Melbourne, Australia. I was there for 8 days, and I devoted 3 of those days for shopping :) One of my favorite Australian stores is Myers, and I picked up an Australian brand makeup set there. The brand is called Bloom. They had 2 new eyeshadow colors that I liked, and luckily they had a special set that came with the 2 eyeshadows that I wanted. So I ended up buying the set for $99 AUD (valued at $145 AUD), which includes tax. This is about $68 USD.

The makeup artist also gave me a free scented wax bead candle and two pieces of chocolate too! I didn't even know about it until after I already paid. :)

There were two different kits, one that was more of a blue/green set (even the bag is different) and this one that is brown/bronze.

Here's what is says on the box:

Bloom Bohemian Luxe Limited Edition Colour Collection Pack
Opulent and exotic, Bohemian Luxe fuses a bohemian sensibility with an irreverent edge to create a seriously feminine look.

Featuring a strong palette of earthy, bronze-toned Eye Shadows and Bloom's unique Shadow Liner, Bohemian Luxe has a relaxed romance at its core. Complete your doe-eyed look with curled lashes and Full & Flirty Mascara.

Cosmetic Bag - Makeup Essentials
Eye Shadow - Chestnut
Eye Shadow - Amber
Shadow Liner - Ebony Brown
Full & Flirty Mascara - Black
Eyelash Curler

The eye shadows (chestnut [left] and amber [right]) are really pretty and easy to blend.
Even the free french lavender-scented candle looks and smells great! It burns for 30 hours.

Here's what I used on my EOTD:
MAC Paint Pot in "Soft Ochre"
MAC E/S in "Sugarshot" (highlight)
Bloom E/S in "Amber" (inner corner and center lid)
Bloom E/S in "Chestnut" (outer corner and blend into center lid)
Bloom Shadow Liner in "Ebony Brown"
Bloom Full & Flirty Mascara in "Black"

Taken in the Grand Hyatt Melbourne bathroom of my hotel room (LOL). The scarf is from a store called Forever New, which was right across the street from Myers.

This picture was taken when I (officially) finished shopping the day before my flight back home. Stores close early (6pm on Saturdays!), so I was hopping into taxis the whole day, making sure I got to go to all the stores and factory outlets I Googled before the trip. Big brownie points go to my boyfriend for being so good with the shopping part of our trip! haha I'll post more Australian brand makeup purchases and my makeup looks I did there soon!

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