Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MAC Matte2 Eye Shadows For Less!

I've seen MAC eye shadows at Costco for a few months now, but I only bought one of the shades ("Orb") because for ~$10 USD, I didn't think it was that good of a deal when I could just buy the refill pans for $11. However, when I was there Sunday, the MAC eye shadows went down in price to only just under $6! Now that's a deal. So I bought the colors that I didn't own yet -- "Copperplate" and "Newly Minted". The only other colors left were "Poison Pen" (which I got at the CCO in Gilroy, CA last year) and "Handwritten" (which I bought at the MAC store for full price *sigh* BUT I really like this color). All of these colors are matte2.

I swatched these two colors without any primer. They feel silkly smooth. "Copperplate" is a greyish brown color that is nice with smokey looks, and "Newly Minted" is a pretty teal color.

I will post a look using "Newly Minted" next. :)

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