Wednesday, May 20, 2009

EOTD using MAC Flip E/S

Hi everyone! I'm back! I finished my 5th and last final today, but I haven't had much sleep lately since I've been studying a lot. I wanted to write a post as soon as I got home from my final, so here it is! This one's just going to be an EOTD (Eye Of The Day).

Here's what I'm wearing:

MAC Paint Pot in "Soft Ochre" (entire lid)
MAC E/S in "Femme Fi" (highlight)
MAC E/S in "Flip" (lower lid)
MAC E/S in "Mulch" (outer V and crease)
MAC E/S in "Goldmine" (apply a little on the center lid to blend Mulch and Flip)
MAC Fluidline in "Blacktrack"

MAC Flip E/S is limited edition, so if you want to pick one up, you should get it while you still can!


Trace said...

This is totally gorgeous and totally something I would wear. I need to pick up Flip! Thanks for sharing the step-by-step!!

CONGRATS on being done with your last final! Hope you get to have fun and relax this summer!

Wycee said...

Thanks Trace! I'm sooo glad to be done haha Hope your summer will be great too! :)

JAMNOTJELLY702 said...

Very Pretty look!!