Friday, April 10, 2009

CCO Haul!!!

C-C-O! C-C-O! That's what my mom and I say when we're at a factory outlet and my sister takes too long at a store that's not CCO. :) For those of you who are not familiar with CCO, it stands for Cosmetic Company Outlet. They sell a lot of brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Stila, Estee Launder, Prescriptive, etc. at about 30% off retail price. Most of the items are either discontinued or leftovers that did not completely sell out (for example, items from various MAC collections). I always walk out of a CCO with a good amount of makeup and a big smile on my face.

I got these four Bobbi Brown eye shadows. The colors are (from left to right) Shimmer Wash E/S in "Rose Gold 8", E/S in "Cocoa 13", Shimmer Wash E/S in "Chocolate 11", and E/S in "Mahogany. These were $13.50 each.

Before this haul, I owned only one Bobbi Brown product, which is this eye shadow on the right. I went to Carmel-by-the-Sea for a short vacation right before Spring semester began, and I bought this eye shadow in "Mahogany" for my eye brows. I really like using Bobbi Brown for my eye brows because the color really stays and doesn't smudge, even when I accidently touch it throughout the day. The eye shadow that I bought on the right is the newer square packaging. It was around $25, and it has .08oz/2.5g of product. However, at CCO, I got this same eye shadow color for $13.50, and it has .11oz/3.2g of product. Whoohoo!

I was surprised to see that they had MAC "Femme Fi" eye shadow there too. It was $10. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this color, and if you haven't already noticed, I use it a lot as my highlight color. I bought this color when the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection came out earlier this year. It actually came out with the Neo-Sci Fi collection last summer (which is why it's in orange packaging).

This next item is from DF&CCO (Designer Fragrance & Cosmetic Co.), but I decided to include it in this post anyway. My mom bought this lipstick for me, since they were having a buy 2 for $15 sale on Lancome lipsticks and eye shadows. This lipstick shade is "Luminous", and it has a very pretty pink shimmer to it.

I will definitely be wearing this one over some other lipsticks, so keep an eye out for it in an upcoming FOTD (Face of the Day) makeup look.

All in all, CCO in Vacaville was a success. The one in Gilroy doesn't have as great of a selection as Vacaville. However, my all-time favorite CCO (of the ones I've been to) is still in Las Vegas -- it's makeup heaven!

What's your favorite CCO location?


Anonymous said...

have u used the bobbi brown eyeshadows yet?

Wycee said...

Hi! Yes I have! I found a picture where I was wearing it, but I don't remember the other colors I used for the look (which is why I guess I didn't post it). I'll try to come up with another look using them so you can see the colors. :)