Friday, April 24, 2009

My Coastal Scents Collection (+ Sale)!

Coastal Scents is having a 15% off sale off everything on their website! Orders must be placed before April 26, 2009 midnight EST.

Here are the products I bought from Coastal Scents so far:
  • 88 Piece Makeup Palette ($21.95 regular price; $18.66 after discount)

  • Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette ($24.95 regular price; $21.21 after discount)

  • 10 Piece Professional Blush Palette ($16.95 regular price; $14.41 after discount)
  • 28 Piece Eye Shadow Neutral Palette (great for everyday makeup and weddings) ($21.95 regular price; $18.66 after discount)

  • Contour & Blush Palette ($19.95 regular price; $16.96 after discount)

  • Pink Kabuki Brush ($4.99 regular price; $4.24 after discount)

  • Italian Badger Angle Brush (currently out of stock -- but this one had a really weird odor to it when I got it. I had to wash it several times and air it out before I started using it.)

I use the Ultra 88 Shimmer Palette the most (I've posted a few looks using this palette), so I definitely recommend it, especially if you do not have very many colors in your makeup kit and you want to start experimenting with different colors without have to spend a lot of money.

These are some of the new products that I want to order:

  • 42 Color Double Stack Matte Shadow & Blush (not so much for the blush, but the eye shadows look awesome -- looks like it has some potential MUFE dupes) ($28.95 regular price; $24.61 after discount)

  • 42 Color Double Stack Shimmer Shadow & Blush (unfortunately the blushes are the same as the ones in the matte kit, but the eye shadows are great -- some MAC dupes for sure! I will probably stack the shimmer and matte eye shadows together in one palette and put all the blushes in the other.) ($28.95 regular price; $24.61 after discount)

    • 66 Color Lip Palette (the blue lip colors look a little out there, but I'm curious to see how it looks!) ($19.95 regular price; $16.96 after discount)

    • Jumbo Italian Badger Fan Brush (to use with my MAC Mineralize Blush Duos that are extremely pigmented) ($11.95 regular price; $10.16 after discount)

    The Hot Pots look really nice too, but I don't want to get addicted. I think I'll stick with these for now.

    Do you have any Coastal Scents products? What's on your wish list?

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