Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler Review

I got a free sample of MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler from my nearby freestanding MAC store. I never got a sample from MAC before, so I was pleasantly surprised when they gave me this cute little container for free (which I'll definitely be using to put loose pigments in when it's empty).

When I applied MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler on my hand, I could really see a difference -- the lines were filled in, holding up to its name.

I also tried it underneath my eye. Granted that I am still young (in my 20s)and don't have many lines to fill in (yet), the effect wasn't too noticable. It did leave my under eye area feeling extremely smooth and silky though.

After trying it out, I'm no longer in a rush to buy the whole tube (especially now that it's part of the permanent line). I do think it works though, and I recommend it to those who are looking for a product to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. There is a slight scent to it though (for those with sensitive eyes--like myself, but it didn't irritate me), so you might want to try it in the store or ask for a sample before you decide to buy it.

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Meg said...

can this be used to fill lip lines before applying lipstick, since I bite my lips to death and I have not found a lipstick or product that would make my lips look smooth and flawless.. please advice.. :)